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17 August 2013
Family Permaculture Introduction Weekend

Join us in August at the amazing Dial House in Essex for this unique family permaculture introduction weekend. We are joining up with Spiral Seed's Graham Burnet, author of Permaculture - A Beginners Guide to provide a weekend which will be tailored to suit the needs of adults and children with joint and seperate activities - including lots of practical outdoor education for the children such as campfire cooking, earth walks and wild games. More details coming soon!

20 April 2013
Stevenage Spring Watch Event

Come along and join in the fun at Stevenage Town Gardens annual Wild Watch event on Saturday 20th April. You can try activities from a woodland walk to a worm survey, help us with our plant and butterfly experients and get messy by making some seed bombs! It's all free and starts at 12pm until 4pm. 

15 April 2013
Gardening Sessions with Enfield Schools

The Holmesdale Tunnel covers part of the M25 motorway. It was built in 1981 and is 650 meters long. On the top of it is a huge green space and recently botonists have found some plants which are very rare to the area of London, thriving there. Working with Holmesdale Tunnel Openspace we are helping local residents and schools to access the wonderful nature on top of the tunnel and providing environmental education. This 6 week program commences after Easter and we are very excited about it!